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Traditional Woodland Management and Hedgelaying


Neil Hunter

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HUNTERELM has been supplying seasoned hardwood logs and firewood to the general public in this part of the East Midlands since 1991, covering much of Nottingham and South Nottinghamshire, Loughborough and North Leicestershire and parts of South Derbyshire.

Most of the logs are produced via traditional woodland management and hedgelaying carried out in the local region, and mainly from coppicing work done in ancient woodland nature reserves.

This means that they come from genuinely sustainable and renewable sources, locations and practices, which are also largely carbon-neutral and completely organic in origin.

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HUNTERELM has been carrying out skilled management work in ancient woodland nature reserves, hedgerows and other sensitive ecological sites for over twenty years, specialising in restoring traditional coppice and the production of woodfuel for renewable energy.

Coppicing, thinning, hedgelaying, ride cutting, scrub management and the maintenance of old herb-rich grassland have all been undertaken for a variety of different public and private landowners including:

  • The Forestry Commission
  • The Woodland Trust
  • Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust
  • Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust
  • Local authorities
  • Parish councils
  • Individuals owning woodland and farmland

Please feel free to contact HUNTERELM if you have any woodland, hedgerows or other habitats in the Midlands or elsewhere that may require sensitive management or restoration.


HUNTERELM will also always be interested in any potential sustainable sources of renewable woodfuel, either in the form of trees as a `standing crop' or already felled and stacked as `cordwood' - we will also often do all necessary work just in return for any usable logs produced.

Please contact Neil Hunter: neil@hunterelm.co.uk and/or 01509 856261.